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Water Damage 101: What Can Mold Actually Do To My Home?

Water Damage 101: What Can Mold Actually Do To My Home?

Water damage is like a sickness that your home can suffer from, and one of its chief and most apparent symptoms is mold. We’ll preface this entire article with this one nugget of obvious information: mold is bad for your home. Even knowing that one general thing should be more than enough reason to be wary of mold. It’s associated with a variety of health-related issues in people, but it’s also a destructive presence in your home, and here are a few things to take note of to understand what sort of things mold brings to the table, and why you need to quash it before things get out of hand. 

Spread Like Wildfire

Mold grows from places exposed to high levels of humidity and moisture. While mold does normally grow in some places of the house with or without water damage involved, it tends to spread and grow colonies like wildfire when in a home exposed to water damage. It can grow anywhere from wooden furniture, to appliances, to even the very foundation of your home. 

Most of us can clean up mold infestations in small amounts, but when water damage is ignored, mold tends to spread into huge colonies in a matter of even a day or two. When the infestation in your home seems bigger than usual, it should be time to call for water damage restoration services or mold remediation services to properly clear the infestation. Don’t even try to clean it up yourself, read on to find out why.

Trigger Allergies

Huge mold colonies, when dealt with incorrectly, have the capability to spread airborne spores that can trigger allergies and uncomfortable sensitivities. The elderly, children, and pets are most vulnerable to sensitivity when it comes to inhaling mold spores. If any part of your home is currently affected by water damage, and a lot of the people happen to have colds, then mold allergies are your most likely culprit. To avoid getting even more people sick, call a water damage restoration company to deal with high levels of moisture in your home. 

Damage Your Furniture

Mold colonies are likely to destroy furniture when they are able to aggressively infest an item to the point where it can no longer be restored. At that point, you will have no other choice but to throw these infected items away. However, try contacting a mold remediation company to check if they can still salvage the item before throwing it out.

We don’t want to sound like a broken record, but it just needs to be emphasized and repeated: mold is bad. Like, really bad. Taking care of it immediately ensures that you can cut down on costs and curb the damage caused before it becomes a hazard to your living conditions. If you’re unsure of how to proceed with eliminating mold in your home, Blackhill Restoration is there for you. Blackhill Restoration is a disaster restoration company that handles a variety of damage-related restoration and cleanup, not the which includes water damage and all the various things that come along with it, contact Blackhill Restoration today to learn more.

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