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The Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Restoration Contractor

The Questions You Need To Ask When Hiring A Restoration Contractor

After a fire, a tornado, a flood, a hurricane, or any disaster, many American families are often left wondering what to do next. Their home is their safe space, it’s their biggest investment, and it’s their home base, and it’s now destroyed leaving you in a position of fear and vulnerability. The first thing you should do is seek a home restoration contractor, but knowing that you’ve chosen the right one is an intimidating feat in and of itself. 

After a disaster, time is of the essence. You may be staying with family or friends, or you may be temporarily living out of a hotel or shelter set up by your home insurance company. You want to get back to your home as quickly as possible, and that means finding a restoration company without wasting any time. For such an important job, this doesn’t mean rushing to the first restoration company you see, and asking a few questions can give you peace of mind that you’ve chosen the perfect company for your home. 

Knowing The Questions To Ask 

When you know the questions to ask, you know you’ve made the right decision in your restoration company. Some questions to put on your “to ask” list include: 

  • Are you licensed and bonded? – Restoration professionals should be licensed and bonded to work in your area, and they should be covered by all necessary coverages to provide peace of mind should any complications arise with your restoration. 

  • Are your technicians available as soon as possible? – If a major storm just rolled through your area, restoration companies of the region might be busy working to restore various properties all around the area. Make sure to ask if technicians are available to begin working on your home as quickly as possible. 

  • What restoration experience do you have? – If your home has suffered a fire, you don’t want to opt for a restoration company that has experience primarily in floods. Ask your restoration company what experience they have and what types of restorations they’ve done around your area. 

  • Do you have any testimonials or reviews? – Testimonials and reviews give you a firsthand look at what past customers have experienced in their restorations, which gives you an idea of what you’re likely to experience as well. A restoration company with plenty of reviews is a restoration company you can trust. 

  • How long will restoration take? – Naturally, you’ll want to be back in your home as quickly as possible, and you’ll want to make sure the job is going along at a reasonable pace. Asking your restoration company how long they expect the restoration to take will let you know just when you can be back in your home once again. 

The Professionals You Can Trust With Your Restoration 

We’re the professionals you can trust with your restoration. Licensed, bonded, experienced in all aspects of restoration, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have during a very difficult time. To learn more about our restoration process, contact us at Blackhill Restoration today. 

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