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Biohazard Clean Up Is Always Important

Biohazard Clean Up Is Always Important

This year the USA is experiencing a possible outbreak of a virus, now known as coronavirus, or COVID-19, that is spreading throughout the world. The Center for Disease Control is already spreading as much information as it can about the virus and its method of transmission so that Americans can take better preventive measures. However, it drives home an important point about our environment, and that is sometimes the biggest threat in a building is the one that you can’t see, because it is in the air, in fluids, and even on the surfaces we may walk, touch, or sit on.

The Persistence Of Contaminants

Contagions that make people sick can be transmitted in a variety of ways. Contact with fluids is one of the most common, although breathing in particles in the air—such as mold spore—or even touch a surface on which live bacteria or viruses still persist can also cause transmission.

Unfortunately, while bacteria and viruses don’t last indefinitely outside the human body, they can linger for days if left undisturbed. Some forms of coronavirus, for example, have been shown to remain viable for up to 28 days under the right conditions and lower temperatures. Sadly, just quickly mopping up a mess, or wiping down a surface may not always be sufficient to get rid of possible contagions in a space. This is especially true if a large mess has occurred, such as in the case of violent crime or illness.

Something Can Be Done

Biohazard clean up is a specialized service to eliminate the threat of contamination and the transmission of illness. In the event of a major biological hazard, such as sewage backing up into a home, a chemical spill, or even violent crime, or someone with a high-risk disease spending long periods in a room, the environment needs to be properly, antiseptically purged.

This is where an experienced team with the right equipment comes in. This far more intensive than just off-the-shelf antiseptic cleaners, especially for areas like crime scenes or chemical spills. Biohazard clean up involves industrial-grade cleaning agents, as well as specialized tools to ensure that all nooks and crannies are cleaned out to prevent the possibility of lingering contagion.

Don’t Risk It

If you have an area where sewage has backed up into a large space, or even a violent crime has occurred, don’t take the risk of thinking your retail cleaners will be up to the task. This is especially true if someone with a transmittable disease has convalesced in a room for a lengthy time.

Always get the professionals to come in and do a thorough biohazard clean up in such situations. For families, this ensures that residents are safe, and there’s no threat of infection. For companies or other organizations, this protects your staff, your management, and eliminates any threat of legal liability. If you need your space treated for biohazard clean up, let us know, we can help. Contact Blackhill Restoration for your biohazard, flood, or fire remediation needs.

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